About Me

Greetings! My name is Eduardo Romero Dianderas, I am Peruvian, and I am currently a PhD Candidate in Sociocultural Anthropology at Columbia University in the City of New York. I was originally trained as an anthropologist in Lima, Peru, and after working for a while in environmental conservation projects in the Amazon and lecturing at local universities I decided to come back full-time to academia and moved to the US to pursue graduate work. 

I first studied an MA at the University of Georgia, Athens, where I had the opportunity to be part of an integrative conservation initiative that allowed me to learn from and take classes with ecologists, biologists, foresters and geographers. I gradually became more interested in critical theory and contemporary conversations on infrastructures, media, science and technology, and I decided to move to Columbia in order to pursue my doctoral work along such lines. 

I see my work as contributing to a larger push in contemporary social sciences against traditional conceptions of representation, knowledge and objectivity. The main target of my research is the modern notion of information, a concept that is central to contemporary forms of bureaucratic governance and transnational capitalism. Against the historical backdrop of technical and bureaucratic governance, I see the rainforest and its histories as a privileged site to think about the politics and epistemic dilemmas posed by the modern idea of information. 

More broadly, I am also interested on topics such as the history of ecology, theories of life and biology, semiotics and representation, digital media and bureaucracy, and the history of computing and technology in Latin America. 


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